Cristo by cristo


作者:by Chris Eann


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

出版地:Houston, TX


ISBN:978-1-63135-328-4 ; 1-63135-328-4


Across India’s Great Thar Desert and its worn footpath, reaching back for centuries like a rainbow on the cover of a children’s book, a young wandering Jew makes his way into the future. It would not have been an uncommon sight some two thousand years ago. His people perfected trade and shaped the world they lived in for thousands of years. Sharing what they knew about commerce and civilization along that path, they reinvented the wheel and turned a phrase into history. It was also a well-traveled path for the Chinese, crossing from the Pacific to the Mediterranean Sea and spreading everything from silk to the plague along the way. It was there where East meets West, and all the great teachings run their course from Buddhism to Judaism to Hinduism and beyond. Where lives were changed and influences married all who lived, guided by passing caravans and warring tribes.

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  • East by west(p.navPoint-5)
  • On the Road Again(p.navPoint-6)
  • Back at the Ranch(p.navPoint-7)
  • Siddhartha(p.navPoint-8)
  • Long Road to Travel(p.navPoint-9)
  • Don’t I Know You?(p.navPoint-10)
  • Pain and Suffering(p.navPoint-11)
  • Dinner(p.navPoint-12)
  • Arrest and Execution(p.navPoint-13)
  • What Came Next(p.navPoint-14)
  • The Admiral of the Ocean Sea(p.navPoint-15)
  • Tables Turned(p.navPoint-16)
  • The Courts Will Decide(p.navPoint-17)
  • The Day of Reckoning(p.navPoint-18)
  • Confessions of a Bit-player(p.navPoint-19)
  • Attack(p.navPoint-20)
  • Lord Buddha(p.navPoint-21)
  • Melting Together(p.navPoint-22)
  • Fair Thee Well(p.navPoint-23)
  • Into The Last Stretch(p.navPoint-24)
  • Secrets, Treasures, and Keys(p.navPoint-25)
  • The Fifth Voyage(p.navPoint-26)
  • A Final Call to Arms(p.navPoint-27)
  • At Last(p.navPoint-28)
  • Objects of Worship(p.navPoint-29)
  • Epilogue(p.navPoint-30)
  • Review Requested(p.navPoint-31)