Shanghai style:art and design between the wars


作者:by Lynn Pan


出版社:Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co. Ltd.

出版地:Hong Kong


ISBN:978-962-04-2719-0 ; 962-04-2719-X


Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s was a daring experiment in what it meant to be modern. Its taste for the new was everywhere apparent in its visual culture – in its painters, graphic designers, cartoon and commercial artists, architects and interior decorators. Eclectically blending their own Chinese heritage with European, American and Japanese cultural influences, these artists created what Lynn Pan calls Shanghai Style, the defining look and ethos of the period. Denigrated by some at the time for being slick and superficial, and admired by others for being up-to-date and glamorous, today Shanghai Style is seen to be iconic, a true reflection of the city in its heyday.

Shanghai Style – the first in-depth book in any language on the subject – combines a scholar’s rigorous research with an obvious delight in the engaging personalities it introduces and the stories it tells.

Lynn Pang lives in Shanghai, the city of her birth. She studied at the universities of London and Cambridge, England, and has worked in Kota Kinabalu, Geneva, Helsinki, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her books include 'Sons of the Yellow Emperor' (which won the Martin Luther King Memorial Prize), 'Tracing It Home', 'The New Chinese Revolution', 'Mao Memorabilia' and 'The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas.'

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