The sting of fate:spanning three continents, the paths of love, life and restored dignity will take you on a spellbinding magical ride


作者:by Nannette Holliday


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781612043258; 9781609764296


A chance meeting in the French Riviera changes 2 people's lives-forever. Live their compelling journey, inner strengths for survival and enduring passion for life across 3 continents.

  • 1.French love(p.1)
  • 2.One sunny Friday,three years earlier . . .(p.7)
  • 3.Impressions(p.17)
  • 4.A new year(p.21)
  • 5.Telling the truth(p.25)
  • 6.Let the loving begin(p.35)
  • 7.The big day(p.41)
  • 8.Saint Raphael routine(p.49)
  • 9.Meeting friends(p.59)
  • 10.The bombshell(p.69)
  • 11.The next step(p.81)
  • 12.Working in southwest France(p.91)
  • 13.Back on the Côte d’Azur(p.107)
  • 14.Journey through the Var(p.119)
  • 15.Pyrénées awakening(p.131)
  • 16.Decision time(p.153)
  • 17.Toulouse teaching(p.167)
  • 18.Finding a home(p.199)
  • 19.Christmas in Paris(p.213)
  • 20.New Year in London(p.231)
  • 21.Australian summer(p.239)
  • 22.Shattered dreams(p.249)
  • 23.What now?(p.257)
  • 24.Coming to Canada(p.267)
  • 25.Fate(p.281)