The greatest of these is love


作者:by Paul Kelly


出版社:Andrews UK Ltd



ISBN:978-1-78166-072-0 ; 1-78166-072-7


Joachim Flynn was born in Glasgow to Irish parents in the year 1926.He was a Catholic and went to a Catholic school with other Catholicboys, but Joachim always felt that there was something about him thatwasn't just quite right. He didn't think like the other boys and theParish Priest tried to convince him that he had a vocation to thepriesthood and that was the reason why he felt as he did, but Joachimhad no inclinations for the priesthood or for the married state. Theother Catholic boys grew up and fell in love, mostly with Catholicgirls, but some went their own way and disregarded the teachings of thechurch into which they were born and married elsewhere, if they marriedat all.Joachim grew up too and he also fell in love, but he fell in love withGod and the Shadow of God followed Joachim throughout the whole of hislife with a special vocation . . . greater than the priesthood ...greater than the married state. He was born in the imitation ofChrist, where like Christ he gave his life for another.'For no greater love hath any man ... than that he lay down his lifefor his friend.'

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