Fast and furious cars. Systems:Level 2


作者:by Yap Ming Yan


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd.


集叢名:Integrated thematic science series


ISBN:9789810798437 ; 981-07-9843-1


A system is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function(s). There are natural systems as well as man-made systems. Examples of systems in nature are the digestive and respiratory systems. Examples of man-made systems are electrical and decimal systems. Understanding these systems allows Man to understand how they operate and how parts influence and interact with one another to perform a function.

  • Systems(p.5)
  • Fast and Furious Cars(p.6)
  • A Game of Football(p.12)
  • Body Temperature Tolerance(p.20)
  • Painless Haircut(p.23)
  • Muscle Aches(p.27)
  • I want to scratch!(p.31)
  • Panda Eyes(p.34)
  • Heartbeat(p.38)
  • Momo is Embarrassed(p.46)
  • Perry Wants to be Taller(p.50)
  • Fear of Hair loss(p.56)
  • Stomach Growling(p.61)
  • Bedwetting(p.63)
  • We Respond to Stimuli(p.73)
  • Are You Constipated?(p.78)
  • Useful Saliva(p.85)
  • Red Rivers of the Body(p.91)
  • Rootless Plants(p.97)
  • Plants Drink Water Too?(p.105)
  • Natural Water Tanks(p.112)
  • Johnny In Dreamland(p.119)