The Balam restoration. Part 2, Ambivalence


作者:D.L. Morris


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.



ISBN:978-1-63135-740-4 ; 1-63135-740-9


For lifetimes we have wondered if we were alone in the universe. Relatively recently, it has been proposed that humans were created by another race of advanced aliens. In addition to other pitches, this constitutes the ancient astronaut hypothesis. This series of narratives examines the implications if that were true, and what it would mean if we were called upon to do what we were made to do (in this case, fight a war that those who created us could not win against another project they didn’t get quite right). To keep things simple, all caps, center-lined indicate that one of the character’s cyborg interface is communicating with them. Additionally, when quotations are underlined it indicates that an ‘electronic telepathy’ is being used to communicate essentially non-verbally between characters. Enjoy.

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