What is photosynthesis?. systems level 1


作者:by Lai San Mei


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd.


集叢名:Integrated thematic science series


ISBN:978-981-07-9836-9 ; 981-07-9836-9


A system is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function(s). There are natural systems as well as man-made systems. Examples of systems in nature are the digestive and respiratory systems. Examples of man-made systems are electrical and decimal systems. Understanding these systems allows Man to understand how they operate and how parts influence and interact with one another to perform a function.

  • Systems(p.5)
  • What is Photosynthesis?(p.6)
  • Food Tasting Session(p.13)
  • Where did the Antique Vase Go?(p.21)
  • Fever(p.28)
  • The Skeleton Supports The Body(p.33)
  • Soft Stems(p.39)
  • Human Respiratory Organs(p.45)
  • The Family of Human Muscles(p.51)
  • What To Drink With Your Medicine(p.57)
  • Why Does Taking Too Much Salt Make(p.62)
  • Blood Circulatory System(p.67)
  • Food In The Stomach(p.73)
  • A Puppet that Can’t Feel Pain(p.79)
  • An Animal that Walks Sideways(p.85)
  • Who Spoilt It?(p.95)
  • Holding Your Breath(p.102)
  • Spacecraft Under Repair(p.107)
  • Reducing Weight(p.115)
  • Why Do Babies Cry?(p.116)
  • Plants Breathe Too!(p.117)