Writings:papers, reviews, articles, short-shorts


作者:thoughts by José Flávio Nogueira Guimarães


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.



ISBN:978-1-63135-411-3 ; 1-63135-411-6


Writings: Papers, Reviews, Articles, Short-Shorts, Thoughts is a collection of texts about contemporary trends in literature and film that the author has written over the years. “If I had to sum up the book, I would say it is about art.”----The journey starts with an analysis of the monster Leviathan and its representation in the Bible and in the secular world. Two movie reviews are then presented: “Eyes Wide Open” and “De Lama Lamina.”----There is an essay on Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”; a paper on “Autopoiesis and Queer Theory”; and three more movie reviews of “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Far From Heaven” and “The Scarlet Letter” by Wim Wenders.----To close the book, the author includes a paper on “The Silence of the Lambs” by Thomas Harris; an answer to Joyce Carol Oates’ “The Art of Suicide”; an article on short-short story; one more movie review of “Silver Linings Playbook”; a review on Elton John’s concert in Belo Horizonte and two short-short stories.

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  • Foreword(p.navpoint-6)
  • Movie Review: Eyes Wide Open(p.navpoint-14)
  • Movie Review: De Lama Lamina(p.navpoint-15)
  • Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine(p.navpoint-25)
  • Racism, Homosexuality, and Hopelessness in the Movie, Far From Heaven(p.navpoint-26)
  • Review of Wim Wenders’s The Scarlet Letter(p.navpoint-27)
  • An Answer to Joyce Carol Oates’s The Art of Suicide(p.navpoint-33)
  • Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook(p.navpoint-37)
  • Elton John’s Concert in Belo Horizonte(p.navpoint-38)
  • A Tale of Two Hearts—A Human Tale (Homage to the Primordium of the Short-Shorts)(p.navpoint-39)
  • The Queer Stop(p.navpoint-40)