Social issues of advertising


作者:Kara Chan


出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press

出版地:Hong Kong


ISBN:978-962-937-283-5 ; 962-937-283-5


Advertising is something which we are exposed to from a young age and which can affect us in many different ways. Centered around the question “Does advertising improve society?” this volume explores the impact and issues of advertising and questions its social responsibility, with a focus on Hong Kong society. The collection of essays offers a broad view of the interaction between society and advertising, from an introduction to semiotic studies, exploring the use of gender stereotypes to the employment of brand placement as a new form of product promotion.

Written by professors of advertising with experience from both within the industry and from international research, this is a senior level textbook designed to augment any studies in advertising, marketing, public relations or media studies.

  • List of Illustrations(p.vii)
  • Foreword(p.ix)
  • Preface(p.xi)
  • List of Contributors(p.xv)
  • 1. An Overview of the Indicators of Advertising Performance Fanny Fong Yee Chan(p.1)
  • 2. The Hong Kong Advertising Scene Lennon Tsang and Jason Wong(p.21)
  • 3. Meanings of Creativity among Advertising Practitioners Hei Ting Wong(p.37)
  • 4. Branded Contents : Public Attitudes and Regulation Fanny Fong Yee Chan(p.51)
  • 5. Controversial and Offensive Advertising Kara Chan and Dickson Yeung(p.69)
  • 6. Advertising Regulations in Hong Kong Annisa Lee(p.81)
  • 7. Personal Loan Advertisements in Hong Kong : A Semiotic Study Kara Chan, Hong Cheng, Melannie Zhan and Dickson Yeung(p.101)
  • 8. Gender Portrayal in Advertising Kara Chan and Yolanda Cheng(p.117)
  • 9. Responses to Gendered Advertisements Yu Leung Ng and Kara Chan(p.137)
  • 10. Children and Advertising Kara Chan and Anqi Huang(p.155)
  • 11. Advertising Medical Services Kara Chan, Lennon Tsang and Vivienne Leung(p.171)
  • 12. Advancing Social Causes through Video Games Vincie Pui Yuen Lee(p.187)
  • 13. Political Advertising and Public Service Advertisements William Dezheng Feng(p.201)