Kung Fu and science


作者:Fen Sun, Patrick TK Leung, Roy Vellaisamy


出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press

出版地:Hong Kong

集叢名:GE series


ISBN:978-962-937-252-1 ; 962-937-252-5

附註:Chiefly English, with some texts in Chinese.


Kung Fu has evolved from a traditional means of defence to become a system of attacking and defending oneself, with or without weapons, exercising the body and maintaining good physical and mental health. As such, these practices have found an international following. Yet what has remained a largely unexplored area is the scientific principles behind these martial arts.

This book not only covers the brief history of Chinese martial arts, but also brings together the wisdom of a Kung Fu grand master with a scientist and teacher to explain the scientific reasons why Kung Fu is the powerful practice that it is. Using the principles of physics, biomechanics and biology, with a number of drawings showing some basic postures of Kung Fu, the authors present a deep understanding of how the styles, the specific movements and methods of attack and defence operate.

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