Blowing smoke:essays on energy and climate


作者:Rud Istvan


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.



ISBN:978-1-63135-629-2 ; 1-63135-629-1


Istvan’s insightful and incisive writing in Blowing Smoke tackles a diverse array of topics related to climate and energy that are highly relevant to the current public debate. His writing is accessible to the public who may not have the inclination, the time, or the ability to dig deep into the literature and emerge with a simple factual 'big picture'… Blowing Smoke is an important contribution to the public understanding of the debate on climate change and energy.

Rud Istvan is CEO of Third Stream Bioscience, and the principal of NanoCarbons LLC. Rud was previously a Motorola SVP, General Manager of Future Businesses, and Director of its Corporate Strategy Offices. Prior to Motorola he was a senior partner at BCG.

Rud holds a BA summa, JD, and MBA from Harvard University. He is a named inventor on 14 issued patents. He previously published Gaia’s Limits (on global carrying capacity) and The Arts of Truth (on ‘official’ misinformation, including in energy, climate, healthcare, public health, public education, and other important policy topics).

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