Merchants of Canton and Macao:success and failure in eighteenth-century Chinese trade


作者:Paul A. Van Dyke


出版社:Hong Kong University Press

出版地:Hong Kong


ISBN:978-988-8139-32-3 ; 988-8139-32-0


This landmark study of Canton and Macao merchants advances our understanding of the rise and development of international commercial networks. The eighteenth century was a transitional period in world trade when large monopolistic companies gradually lost ground to more efficiently operated private enterprises. The China trade was one of the catalysts propelling this transformation and it is crucial to a better understanding of how and why these changes took place. This study presents much new information about the Canton and Macao merchants and provides fresh insights into the role China played in the rise of global economies.

Paul A. Van Dyke is professor of history at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. He has spent many years researching various aspects of life, trade, and societies in the Pearl River Delta and Maritime Asia.
'Paul A. Van Dyke's Merchants of Canton and Macao is an invaluable addition to our knowledge of Sino-Western trade in the eighteenth century. The level of detail is outstanding, amassed from a rich source base in multiple languages. And from that data base Van Dyke brings the financial actors in this complex commercial story vividly to life.' — Jonathan Spence, author of The Search for Modern China
'Asia's 'dark' eighteenth-century has never seemed more lively or dynamic. This book will be treasured by all those struggling to understand the hitherto opaque world of pre-modern Chinese business.' — Anthony Reid, author of Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce

  • List of Tables(p.ix)
  • List of Appendixes(p.xi)
  • Preface(p.xv)
  • Acknowledgements(p.xxxiii)
  • Moneys, Weights, and Measures(p.xxxv)
  • List of Abbreviations(p.xxxvii)
  • INTRODUCTION Global Influences and Their Consequences(p.1)
  • CHAPTER ONE Swequa 蔡瑞官 and Brothers 1741–1772(p.19)
  • CHAPTER TWO Monqua 蔡文官 and Family 1734–1796(p.39)
  • CHAPTER THREE Poankeequa 潘振承 and Family 1748–1788(p.61)
  • CHAPTER FOUR Tan Anqua 陳安觀 1749–1790 and the Inland Tea Men(p.97)
  • CHAPTER FIVE The Wu 伍 Family 1772–1802(p.107)
  • CHAPTER SIX The Porcelain Trade(p.123)
  • CHAPTER SEVEVN Thirteen Prominent Porcelain Dealers 1746–1806(p.133)
  • CHAPTER EIGHT Miscellaneous Porcelain Dealers 1724–1844(p.161)
  • CHAPTER NINE The Silk Trade(p.171)
  • CHAPTER TEN Silk Weavers, Embroiderers, and Painters(p.187)
  • CONCLUSION Unwritten Realities of Trade(p.209)
  • Notes(p.325)
  • Bibliography(p.381)
  • Index(p.425)