Hong Kong in the Cold War


作者:Edited by Priscilla Roberts and John M. Carroll


出版社:Hong Kong University Press

出版地:Hong Kong


ISBN:978-988-8208-00-5 ; 988-8208-00-4


The Cold War was a distinct and crucial period in Hong Kong’s evolution and in its relations with China and the rest of the world. Hong Kong was a window through which the West could monitor what was happening in China and an outlet that China could use to keep in touch with the outside world. Exploring the many complexities of Cold War politics from a global and interdisciplinary perspective, Hong Kong in the Cold War shows how Hong Kong attained and honed a pragmatic tradition that bridged the abyss between such opposite ideas as capitalism and communism, thus maintaining a compromise between China and the rest of the world.

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  • Acknowledgments(p.xii)
  • Hong Kong’s Twentieth Century: The Global Setting Wang Gungwu(p.1)
  • Prologue Cold War Hong Kong: The Foundations Priscilla Roberts(p.15)
  • Chapter 1 Cold War Hong Kong: Juggling Opposing Forces and Identities Priscilla Roberts(p.26)
  • Chapter 2 Hong Kong’s Enduring Global Business Relations David R. Meyer(p.60)
  • Chapter 3 Hong Kong and the Cold War in the 1950s Tracy Steele(p.92)
  • Chapter 4 The American Cold War in Hong Kong, 1949–1960: Intelligence and Propaganda Lu Xun(p.117)
  • Chapter 5 Crisis and Opportunity: The Work of Aid Refugee Chinese Intellectuals ( ARCI ) in Hong Kong and Beyond Glen Peterson(p.141)
  • Chapter 6 Hong Kong as an International Tourism Space: The Politics of American Tourism in the 1960s Chi-Kwan Mark(p.160)
  • Chapter 7 “Reel Sisters” and Other Diplomacy: Cathay Studios and Cold War Cultural Production Stacilee Ford(p.183)
  • Chapter 8 Hong Kong as a Global Frontier: Interface of China, Asia, and the World Prasenjit Duara(p.211)
  • Afterword Cold War Hong Kong: A Path to the Future? Priscilla Roberts(p.231)
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